2nd Annual seminar in Lund. October 2013

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October 23-24 2013 TOP-NEST will gather for its second annual seminar. This time we will meet in Lund at Circle.

The objective of the meeting is to develop a common understanding of the tasks ahead in WPs 5 and 6 and to identify how previous WPs feed into WPs 5-6.

A particular challenge for TOP-NEST as a whole is to make meaningful connections between the WPs. Therefore, we will focus on this challenge.

As a connector we use the theoretical framework of technological innovation systems. This framework explains technology development and diffusion in terms of actors, networks between actors and institutions. In particular it identifies a set of activities that need to be in place to support the development and diffusion of a technology. Our aim is to analyse what structural components and activities in the technological innovation systems need to be strengthened to move from the current status quo in the platforms towards future value chains. 


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