1st Annual Seminar in Espoo. October 2012

October 11-12 2012 TOP-NEST gathered for its first annual meeting in Espoo, Finland. Our project team from VTT had done a marvellous job with the preparation of the seminar.

The conference venue was at VTT. About 20 participants discussed firstly the results from some of our work packages with a certain focus on biofuels, then the interaction between our various work packages and the results of the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives project. An excursion to a bioethanol facility constructed and operated by the Finnish company St1, Vantaa Etanolix®, gave first hand impressions from the real world of biofuels. Members of the external scientific board - Loren Cox from MIT, Rob Weterings from TNO, The Netherlands and Bernhard Truffer, from EAWAG, Switzerland - participated actively in the discussions. An interesting topic was the interaction with stakeholders. We will follow up these inspiring discussions in our cooperation with Nordic and European stakeholders.

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