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TOP-NEST was selected as one of 10 applications under Nordic Energy Research’s programme, Sustainable Energy Systems 2050.



Full project name: Technology Opportunities in Nordic Energy System Transitions
Project owner: Sveinung Skule, Director, NIFU
Project manager: Antje Klitkou, Dr. phil., NIFU
Institution: Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education
Contact for enquiries: project administrator
Antje Klitkou






The project in a nutshell

  • Asks how a major transition, necessary to meet the 2050 energy and climate policy goals in the Nordic energy and transport systems, might be achieved;

  • Assumes that incremental innovation will not be enough and a win-win scenario must be found involving the renewal of networked value chains, patterns of use and consumption, infrastructures and regulations;

  • Addresses the central challenge of finding potential configurations of industrial stakeholders and institutional set-ups that facilitate both environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness; and,

  • Considers current path-dependencies and inertia, as existing energy and transport systems are deeply embedded in industrial and societal structures.












Creating Nordic Added Value


The project aims to establish a number of guidelines for Nordic policy makers and industrial actors, allowing them to make better informed decisions on Nordic R&D, innovation and industrial development policy. Ultimately, the project aims to help them develop and implement effective instruments to achieve the ambitious energy and climate goals for 2050.


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